The records department aims to manage the records of the NWU in an accountable, effective and efficient manner through the implementation of a records management programme that takes into account related objectives such as orderly classification of records, retention and disposal, accessibility, security and confidentiality, training and performance and quality management.

The North-West University is dependent on its records as its corporate memory to operate efficiently, consistently and productively and to account for its actions.

It is furthermore the policy of the NWU to comply with the Promotion of Access to Information Act (No 2 of 2000) (PAIA) and the broad principles of records management that are required by the National Archives and Records Service Act (No 43 of 1996), the International Standard for Records Management (ISO15489) and the South African National Standard for Records Management (SANS 15489) together with the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and other applicable legislation.

It is the responsibility of all staff and student leadership to ensure that they keep appropriate records (as defined by the NWU file plan) of their work at the NWU and manage those records in keeping with the NWU Records Management Policy.

NWU file plan

The NWU developed a functional file plan and disposal schedule, which organises all NWU records in subjects in a logical, process-driven manner, according to the business activities and processes at the NWU.

This File plan and disposal schedules are updated annually and published on the NWU Intranet for staff to use.


Disposal is the action taken when a record reaches the prescribed retention period (as per legislation and/or NWU policy/procedures).

Disposal means either archiving records for permanent preservation OR destroying records as per the proper procedure adopted by the NWU.

Archive Records

Destroy Records

Finalise destruction of records

Storage room management

In order to manage paper records in physical storage areas, various storage areas are available at the NWU. These are usually situated close to the relevant business entity.

It is extremely important that these storage facilities are managed in such a manner that records will be protected and secure for the retention period.

A procedure for maintaining physical storage areas was made available for these purposes.


Records Management training to all staff is available from the Records, Archives and Museum division. Training dates are communicated on the NWU Intranet to all staff.

Records Management is of utmost importance in order to protect the institutional memory of the NWU. It is therefore suggested that all employees attend Records Management Training.

The training dates and venues for 2020 - Note that all training interventions will be done online for the remainder of 2020


Introduction to Records Managament                                       4 August 2020

Legislation, Policies and Standards                                          6 August 2020

Records Management at the NWU - Practical approach          11 August 2020

Protection of Personal Information                                            13 August 2020

Introduction to Records Managament                                       8 September 2020

Legislation, Policies and Standards                                          10 September 2020

Records Management at the NWU - Practical approach          15 September 2020

Protection of Personal Information                                            17 September 2020

Introduction to Records Managament                                       13 October 2020

Legislation, Policies and Standards                                          15 October 2020

Records Management at the NWU - Practical approach          20 October 2020

Protection of Personal Information                                            22 October 2020



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[1] Please note that these dates may change, staff will be given prior notice on amendments of dates.

E-records management

The NWU encourages all staff and student leadership to manage records by electronic means. E-Records are stored on various shared and individual network drives as well as NWU GoogleDrive and NWU NextCloud.


Records management representatives

All line managers in their respective business entities must nominate records management representatives for the business entity. These representatives are also trained by the Records, Archives and Museum division regarding records management. These representatives are responsible for ensuring compliance with legislation and policy.

Appointment of Records Management Representatives

NWU style sheets

All official NWU documents and records must be created on the official and approved NWU stylesheets, which are available to all staff members. This ensures the correct use of the Corporate Identity (CID) and metadata of the NWU. Using these stylesheets also gives the document/records the required integrity to be evidence of the business activities of the NWU.

Archived student results

Request archived student results (also known as bluecards)

This service is currently available only to old POK/PEC (Potchefstroom Education College) students. Other enquiries will not be attended to

Staff and alumni can request archived student results from the link below. Information will only be shared if there is a legal basis for doing so.

Lodge request for archived student results.