The NWU’s IWMS (Integrated Work Management System), PLANON, can be used to log and track requests for maintenance services.

What is an Integrated Work Management System or IWMS?

Where to I access the NWU's IWMS (PLANON)?

Access PLANON and log on with your CAS (network) id.

What do I do if I have any trouble accessing or navigating the system?

What other methods can I use to request facility maintenance services?

  1. Contact the Facilities Service Desk to submit the request on your behalf
  2. Email the Facilities Service Desk, who will log a request on your behalf

What other facility services will the IWMS offer?

The following elements will be implemented in 2021:

  • Space Reservations
  • Move Requests
  • Infrastructure applications
  • Capital project management
  • OHS Incident logging
  • Space Management (space planning, utilisation reporting, move planning, etc)