The Facilities Department is responsible for multidisciplinary facility-related services on strategic and operational levels at the North-West University. This Department is responsible for planning, development, maintenance, operations, and space management of the University’s growing estates.

Services offered

Planning and Construction

Co-ordinates all processes for the construction of new infrastructure, as well as large refurbishment projects.  In addition, the unit is also responsible for the planning and project management of minor building works.

Maintenance, Cleaning and Landscaping Services

The Engineering Compliance Section is responsible for the maintenance of and legal compliance to all electrical and mechanical installations.

The Maintenance and Facilities Services Unit manages ongoing building maintenance, cleaning and landscaping services.

Space and Utilities Management

The Space Management Section's main responsibilities include space planning and space administration.  This section is also responsible for the verification and processing of municipal utility accounts.

Occupational Safety Support Services

Provide support services in respect of occupational safety and compliance, and co-ordinate OHS training.