PATLIB Knowledge Transfer to Africa


PATLIB Knowledge Transfer to Africa

All you need to know about Patents and Patentability!!


Managed by the European Patent Office (EPO), the Patent Library (PATLIB) programme will provide institutions with training opportunities, access to learning materials, and an exchange of best practices with the EPO’s well-established network of more than 320 PATLIB centres that facilitate access to IP knowledge and help transform IP rights into valued assets; through experts and specialists with extensive experience in training, mentoring, and twinning.

For queries. please contact: Lindi Mophuti (NWU Focus Point)


Tel: 018 299 4791



Where are they located?

There are over 300 patent information centres spread regionally across the EPO's member states, including South Africa.

What services do they provide?

Equipped with experienced patent search experts, they offer patent information services that includes:

  • Technology and competitor watches,
  • Patent statistics,
  • Patent valuation/audits,
  • Advice on patent strategy,
  • Provide access to materials and training courses,
  • Guidance on commercialisation/technology transfer, and
  • Provide practical assistance on other intellectual property rights.


How can I participate/ become a member?

For more information, visit:

Create your account here: and follow the instructions.

Once you have decided on your username, the KT2Africa team should be informed and will contact you.

You’ll be able to create personal individual goals (what is it you want to achieve/ learn)

You’ll be able to access the e-learning centre.



Benefits of participation?

  • Improve knowledge of Intellectual Property,
  • Support the use of this knowledge in innovative project development processes,
  • Support in business development while respecting the intellectual property rights of third parties,
  • Support the development of R&D projects based on knowledge of the state of the art.