Getting to know the brand

When you create material with the North-West University (NWU) logo, you’re essentially applying the NWU brand attributes to any visual elements that will be used to promote the University. This means that the NWU brand identity is more than just a logo, and consists of what is at the heart of the NWU – focuses on what the University can offer stakeholders on an emotional level.

NWU brand aims to communicate the essential brand attributes which will shape stakeholder’s perceptions about the University. The NWU brand identity is important as it also helps stakeholders differentiate the University from competitors and aims to positively influence their perceptions. The NWU brand identity should be applied correctly in such a way to not only to communicate the University’s overall message but also promote the core brand attributes and strategic goals.

All stakeholders of the North-West University (NWU) should adhere to the strict guidelines set in the Brand Policy of the University. The Brand Policy of the University applies to the NWU Council and its members, committees and other governance structures, all permanent and contracted staff, and students. Therefore, no one other than those referred may be authorised to use the NWU brand or trademarks on any marketing material, clothing or social media before having undertaken in writing to comply in all respects to the requirements of the brand policy.





Did you know? - Brand facts

Design Approval

Designs that were not done by Department: Market Student Recruitment will still need to be approved by the team in the department before production. Contact the department to ensure that your designs meet the CID and style guide requirements.

Design Service

The Department: Marketing and Student Recruitment do designs free of charge for marketing and branding material. The only thing you will pay for is the production. If design projects are done through the department, you can rest assured that all the designs will be compliant with the brand CID manual and style guide.

Report Incorrect Branding

You can report any incorrect branding on campus to the Department: Marketing Student Recruitment.


Correct Spelling

The correct spelling for University in Setswana is Yunibesiti. North-West University in Setswana is then translated to Yunibesiti Ya Bokone-Bophirima.

What is the Brand

Brand is more than just the pay-off line, colour and logo, brand is something that is in the hearts and minds of our stakeholders and people we are trying to reach.

Brand Association

We may not associate the brand with the abuse of addictive substances; the abuse of alcohol; sexually explicit imagery or references; profanity or inappropriate insensitive language and gambling. For more information on how to use the brand positively view our style guide and brand policy.


Corporate Gifts

You can order corporate gifts from any of our campus Brand Stores for conferences or events. If you order from the brand stores, they will source the best prices to fit your budget. The team will also ensure that gifts are correctly branded.

Campus Stores

You can visit any one of our campus Brand Stores and walk in style with our NWU branded merchandise.

Font Type

Our primary University font type is Ariel, this should be used on most material and documents.


Business Cards

Need business cards? You can order your business cards by making contact with Ivyline. They have our business card template and will send you a form to fill in information you would like on your card. All the branding has already been quality checked and delivery takes just a few days.

Holding Shape

In designs for marketing material, the NWU logo must always be placed on the top left hand corner in the holding shape. The NWU formal logo may not be used for informal or marketing communication.

Brand Repository

For quick easy designs, you can use our Brand Repository, where you will have access to all the approved design templates and images.