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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why won't the presentation remote work?

Is the remote powered on?
The power switch is on the top left side of the remote. If the batteries seem depleted, see the ADS office for a new remote.

Is its USB receiver plugged into the appropriate device?
Slide the USB receiver out from the bottom of the remote and insert it into the device from which you are presenting. For example, if presenting from your laptop, the USB receiver must be plugged into your laptop.

Q. I accidentally deleted my files! Is there a backup of my recordings?

Yes. Backups stored on the One Button Studio hard drive until the end of the semester.
If you need to access a backup of your recording(s), please contact and provide your name and the date and time of your Studio reservation.


Q. What do I do if my video is corrupt?

Please send your confirmation e-mail with the date and time of your booking to and inform us that your file is corrupt. We will get the back-up from the studio and make it available to you.

Technical Specifications

Q. What kind of USB drive should I use?

Your USB drive must be formatted as a FAT32 or HFS+ drive , with a minimum of 1GB free space (most USB flash drives today are FAT by default). If you are not sure if your drive will work, or if you received an error message when inserting your drive in the Studio dock, please check out a USB drive from the ADS office 13 SL313/312.

How to format FAT32:

Q. How much space will the MP4 file(s) take up on the USB flash drive?

Drive sizes vary, but generally, you can assume that a 1GB drive will accommodate 30 minutes of recording time.

We recommend using at least a 1GB drive when recording in the One Button Studio. A 16GB drive should be able to capture approximately 8 hours of footage.

Policies and Procedures

Q. Can I use the studio on a walk-in basis, without reserving it?

No. You must reserve the studio electronically , even for same-day use. If you need help reserving the Studio, please seek assistance from ADS.
Contact the OBS Helpdesk or Dr Marieta Jansen van Vuuren for assistance.

Q. My reservation time has begun, but the studio is still occupied!

If you feel comfortable doing so, you may offer the current occupants a gentle reminder that your reservation time has begun.
If you are are uncomfortable doing so, or need other assistance, please contact ADS staff.
Patrons using the Studio are asked to return the Studio to pristine condition and vacate before the next patron's scheduled reservation begins.

Q. Are my recordings private?

Your recordings are backed up on a hard drive of the One Button Studio system. Only ADS employees working in the One Button Studio have access to these recordings. They are not reviewed unless a patron requests his or her individual backup files be accessed.

All recordings are deleted at the end of the semester to free up space.

Need assistance?

Need help with reserving or using the One Button Studio?


Email us at:

The OBS Helpdesk

Dr Marieta Jansen van


Phone us:

OBS Helpdesk -
016 910 3038

Dr Marieta Jansen van Vuuren -
016 910 3319

  Visit ADS - Building 13, Split Level 3 - SL399E/312/313