Attention 2021 graduates

Congratulations from the North-West University on obtaining your qualification.

The Senate resolved, that all physical undergraduate graduation ceremonies that were scheduled to take place during the second part of 2021, be presented virtual owing to the national lockdown regulations in respect of the Covid-19 situation. In accordance with the University Rules, the qualifications of those candidates who have met the requirements of Senate will be awarded in absentia.

In order to allow you to still experience some feeling of that moment on the stage you would have shared with family and friends, a virtual ceremony will be pre-recorded. This recording will be made public on 26 November 2021 at 12:00 on the university’s platforms, to allow you to view it.

We are doing everything possible to ensure that you receive the certificate of the qualification you have worked hard for over a period of time, and will start with a process to courier your certificate to you after the awarding of the qualifications has taken place. Although the country has moved to lockdown level 1, we still need to ensure that all measures remain in place to ensure the safety of all our stakeholders. Seen against this background, and in line with the university’s protocol on managing contact meetings and events and receiving visitors on our campuses during the lockdown period, photo sessions on the campuses with family and friends will also not be allowed.

To ensure that you receive the certificate, we now request that you confirm or update your contact details and courier address as soon as possible (but no later than 22 November 2021) on our DIY portal:

It is also important to mention to you that, in terms of the university’s Fees Payable and Financial Regulations, your student account should be fully paid in order to receive your certificate.  In the instance that you still owe money, your degree/diploma certificate will have to be kept in safekeeping until you have fulfilled your financial obligations towards the university. If there is any query regarding your student account, please do not hesitate to contact the university’s Collection Department at: Potchefstroom Campus 018 299 2665 or Vanderbijlpark Campus (016) 910-3155.

Your are welcome to contact us at 018 299 2623 if you have any enquiries regarding your graduation.

All the best in your career and please stay safe.

Virtual conferral of degrees and awarding of diplomas by North-West University 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all graduation ceremonies (undergraduate and postgraduate) will be virtual until further notice. This includes the presentation ceremonies that would have taken place at venues other than our three campuses.

What does “conferral of degrees” mean and why is it important?

The Statute of the NWU clearly states that a person is not entitled to the privileges of a degree until such a degree has been conferred at a congregation of the University. The implication of this is substantial. It means that if you have met the requirements of the Senate, you would not be able to gain from the privileges until such qualification has been awarded or conferred. Should we merely postpone the ceremony until sometime later this year or even next year, the NWU would not only act in contravention of its rules, but you would also be robbed of an opportunity to enjoy the privileges of your qualification.

What does a virtual conferral of degrees and awarding of diplomas entail?

In order to allow you to still experience some feeling of that moment on the stage you would have shared with family and friends, a virtual ceremony is pre-recorded.

The relevant degrees and diplomas are awarded or conferred in absentia, and the certificates of each ceremony will be sent by courier as close as possible to the date of the awarding or conferral as captured on the official student record and as contained in the relevant degree programme.

We understand that no virtual ceremony can ever replace an actual ceremony on your campus – with your fellow graduates and photo sessions – and for this reason, we will do our best, if circumstances permit, to arrange for graduates to be invited to a later ceremony.


Virtual conferral of degrees and awarding of diplomas - December 2021

Another Class of 2020 has graduated. Congratulate them as they continue to be bearers of the North-West University torch, carriers of its influence, and promoters of its spirit. After all, it all starts here! 


Click to open programme. An asterisk (*) next to a name indicates that the degree/diploma has been obtained with distinction

Virtual conferral of degrees and awarding of diplomas - previous ceremonies 2021

Virtual conferral of degrees and awarding of diplomas - previous ceremonies 2020

About the Ceremonies Department 

Graduation ceremonies

The Ceremonies Department is responsible for organising graduation ceremonies on all campuses, including:

  • Scheduling of all graduation ceremonies
  • Invitation of graduates to their ceremonies (± 3-4 weeks before the ceremony)
  • Printing and signing over of degree certificates
  • Printing of graduation programme booklets
  • Dispatch of absentia degree certificates
  • Handling of reissuing requests of degree certificates
  • Responsibility for academic protocol and attire

Academic transcripts can be downloaded.

Official ceremonies

The ceremonies department is also responsible for organising other official ceremonies of the North-West University, including:

  • Inauguration ceremonies
  • Official opening ceremonies
  • Official closing ceremonies
  • Installation and reinstallation of the chancellor/vice-chancellor
  • Farewell functions of senior dignitaries
  • Appreciation functions for retirees

Ceremonies team

  • Section head: Suzelle Buys
  • Administrative officer: Daleen Gey van Pitteus
  • Senior administrative assistant: Rethabile Dube

Ceremonies enquiries

Tel 018 299 2623