Below is a list of different funding opportunities that are available to candidates with the minimum requirements.

  • Please read through the guidelines thoroughly before submitting your application
  • If you have any questions, there are dedicated contact person(s) for each call to assist you

Lady Margaret Hall Summer Programmes, University of Oxford

With the summer now on the horizon, we are pleased now to share that it is not too late for students to apply for the residential and online short academic courses available in July and August this year. All the courses offer students the opportunity to experience Oxford University’s world-renowned tutorial teaching system, explore fascinating subjects with experts in the field, and gain new skills to take them further in their future academic or professional careers.

We understand that there is ongoing difficulty with international travel, so we would also like to let you know that our 3-week online programmes are now being offered at a new special fee of only £1200.

3-week residential courses have a fee of £3500 which includes all tuition, housing, all meals Monday to Friday, and a range of social and cultural events.

Diseases of the 21st Century (Online)
18 July to 5 August 2022

Live classes will be scheduled between 9am and 2pm UK Time

Focusing on the biochemical fundamentals of major pathologies found in the modern world, this course will show how cutting-edge research is applied to push healthcare forward. You will gain practical experience in discussing and interpreting research papers, and understand the processes involved in the development and testing of treatments. These courses are perfect for students studying Medicine, Life Sciences, or related subjects, or who are looking ahead to medical school.

1st Round Application Deadline: 20 May 2022 (applications received after 20 May 2022 will be processed subject to availability).

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Online and Residential)
8 to 26 August 2022

Live classes will be scheduled between 9am and 2pm UK Time

In our age of burgeoning smart technology and automation we are already seeing the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in fields as diverse as finance, medicine, and manufacturing. In this course you will examine the key theoretical foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and, after an introduction to the Python computer programming language, you will put your new knowledge into action.

1st Round Application Deadline: 10 June 2022 (applications received after 10 June will be processed subject to availability).

PPE: Globalisation, Populism, and Identity (Online and Residential)
8 to 26 August 2022

Live classes will be scheduled between 9am and 2pm UK Time

This course examines this process of ‘globalisation’ and its macroeconomic implications, as well as the wide-ranging responses to it, from populist political movements like Brexit and Trumpism to diverse transnational social movements such as Black Lives Matter and the Arab Spring of 2011. You will also explore philosophical concepts of personal identity and how these compare with concepts of identity in political philosophy and other related disciplines. Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (‘PPE’) is a combined interdisciplinary area of study which has been taught at the University of Oxford since the early 20th century to equip students with the breadth of expertise required to understand and influence the world around us.

1st Round Application Deadline: 10 June 2022 (applications received after 10 June will be processed subject to availability).

Students can find admissions criteria and how to apply here.

Student Essay Competition - closing 20 May

All third- and fourth-year students at the SASUF partner universities are invited to participate in the competition.


2022 Season of Campus France Webinars

The Campus France office in South Africa has organised a series of webinars over the past 2 years, connecting South African students with universities in France, specifically at Masters level (for programmes taught in English). From the increased quality and variety of applications for the French Embassy's scholarship programme for studies in France, it is clear that the webinars have been successful!

In an effort to encourage more students from diverse backgrounds to apply to study in France and for the scholarship from the Embassy, we are very pleased to continue the webinar series this year. Campus France will host a webinar each Wednesday at lunchtime (12:00 or 13:00), until mid-October, which coincides with the application period for the scholarship programme (12 April to 16 October) for the 2023 academic year in France.

These webinars are directed at undergraduate as well as postgraduate students, in order to encourage them to consider studying a Master's degree in France, or completing a  joint-PhD (cotutelle) between their home institution in South African and a French institution of higher education.

The format of these webinars includes:
- Brief introduction to the system of higher education in France
- Presentation of the French Embassy's scholarship programme
- Presentation of one or more Master's programmes taught in English at a higher education institution in France
- Questions and answers

The upcoming webinars for April are as follows:
- 30 March at 12:00 - ONIRIS (National College of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science and Engineering)
- 06 April at 12:00 -  University Grenoble Alpes
- 13 April at 13:00 - Nantes University
- 20 April at 12:00 - Toulouse INP (Institut National Polytechnique)

For future events and webinars, students can refer to the calendar on the Campus France South Africa website.