Emergencies on the Vanderbijlpark Campus

The NWU is committed to ensuring the security, safety, and health of all students, staff, and visitors. Therefore the NWU boasts a “one of a kind” multidisciplinary emergency cluster in order to provide a swift and effective response to any emergency on campus. On-campus emergencies must be reported to the relevant service below. The appropriate emergency personnel will be activated and any communication with external services will be coordinated by our trained personnel.

  • Use only the prefix “10” followed by the last four digits when dialing from an internal line
  • Dial the entire number when using an external line or cell phone

Protection Services - crime and security-related emergencies

  • 24-hour Control Room
  • Crime and security-related emergencies
  • Building A25
  • Contact numbers:
    • 016 910 3339

NWU Emergency Services - fire, medical and rescue emergencies

  • 24-hour Control Room
  • Fire, medical & rescue related emergencies
  • Building A25
  • Contact numbers:
    • 016 910 3339

Health Care Centre

  • Office hours
  • General health services
    • 016 910 3163


Off-campus emergencies in Vanderbijlpark

Students and staff who experience an emergency off-campus should contact the appropriate services listed below.

South African Police Service (Vanderbijlpark)

  • 016 910 9000 (from cellphone)
  • 10111 (from a landline)

Fire and Emergency Services

016 430 1860

Traffic Department

016 422 3600 

Gauteng Provincial Ambulance Service

  • 10177 (landline)
  • 112 (cellphone)

ER24 Private Ambulance Service

Netcare 911 Private Ambulance Service

082 911

Vaal Emergency Care

 (016) 976 7887