Update image slider

Rotating image slider

Use this function only if you have a rotating image slider on your homepage!

Add an image:

  • Content
  • Add content
  • Image
  • Title (Describe image)
  • Choose a language
  • Choose business unit
  • Image:
    • Choose file (the image should be pre-prepared to the right pixel size)
    • Upload
  • If the image should link somewhere - Insert title again along with full URL
  • If the image needn't link anywhere, leave these fields blank
  • Include sort order (e.g. 01, 02) to control the order in which the images display in the slider

Image sizes:

Images must be resized and edited before being uploaded:

  • Full page, 12 column width: 1140 x 338 pixels
  • Three-quarter page, 8 column width: 760 x 225 pixels

Portrait images will not work for the sliders. Landscape images will be easier to crop into a sensible slider image.

Image editing:

Download and install Pixlr if you do not have an image editing programme. Take ten minutes to watch the below tutorial to see how to install and use Pixlr:

To resize images:

  • Open an image in Pixlr
  • Click on fast
  • Resize: Insert width of 1140 pixels
  • Crop (lock image must show an open lock): Insert height as  338 pixels
  • Drag the box to where you want it
  • Apply