Bootstrap editing

Bootstrap editing

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To create a new page

  • Content
  • Add content
  • Page
  • Title (e.g. Staff)
  • Language (start with English)
  • Business Unit (pick from drop-down list)
  • Save

To create a staff profile

  • Content
  • Add content
  • Staff Member
  • Title: Name and Surname only
  • Language (Start with English)
  • Business Unit
    • Pick all the business unites relevant to the staff member
  • Title: Prof/Dr/Mr/Ms
  • Name and Surname
  • Photo: Resize to 200x300px before uploading photo
  • Job title: e.g. Director
  • Fill in all other particulars
  • If the staff member has a Research Gate, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, OrcID or NWU Expert profile, only insert the link (ignore the image option)
  • If the staff member has a profile somewhere else not mentioned here, upload a custom icon, and insert the link
  • Save

Staff members will outomatically be pulled through to display on the staff page (speak with the Web Office regarding specifications). Be sure that you create a staff page (see the above section) in addition to staff profiles!

Edit your menu

  • Mouseover the menu region
  • Click on the gear on the righthand side > Edit menu
  • Click on the POWER EDIT tab
  • You can add menu items at the bottom of the menu. If the menu item links to a page created on the same subsite, you must use node/number in the path block. If the menu item links to another subsite or any page not created on your subdomain, you should insert the whole URL in the path block.
    Menu items can be moved by dragging the cross up or down.
    Submenu items are created by dragging the cross on the left of a menu underneath the parent item. The parent item also needs to be ticked in the EXP. block. This creates the down arrow and a seperator line between menu items.
  • Save Configuration when you are done editing your menu. When you have saved, the menu links will be live and you can navigate from the links in the menu editor.