NWU Mascots

Meet our university mascot – Eagi and siblings!

We, as the NWU, pride ourselves in offering high-quality academic programmes and a vibrant student life. Keeping that in mind, there is no better symbol than our mascot, Eagi, to represent the brand attributes of a unitary NWU.

The eagle has a positive meaning across many cultures. It represents positive traits that perfectly match the NWU’s strategy and objectives. They include success, aspiration, courage, expansion, renewed life, leadership and freedom. Eagi symbolises our commitment to approaching life creatively and soaring above the rest. The University mascot reflects our talent for finding new opportunities to excel and continuously improve. Eagi also embodies the importance of implementing ethics in everything we do, reflecting the value-driven nature of the NWU.

Eagi has other siblings as well, which serve as campus mascots, Pukki who has a bubbly personality, Vuvu with a quirky mischievous flair, and lastly Mafika with his energetic self, form this unique NWU family.

If you were wondering if Eagi or one of the siblings can help you soar above the rest with your next project/event or just bring some vibrancy to your department, please do not hesitate to make contact with the NWU mascot team.

NWU Mascots coordinator: Ruan Meyer (mascots@nwu.ac.za or 018 389 2953)