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AGTECH Innovation Challenge

Searching for pre/post-revenue startups with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ready for or tested in-market, and applied researchers with viable projects to participate in our virtual pitch-day.

Challenge focus areas:
• Digitalization of supply chains
• Food technology
• Enhancing agricultural productivity
• Climate-smart technologies
• Tech-agnostic solutions are welcome

Looking to recognize with innovation prizes and matching with French Institutions:
• Startups across five in-scope countries; and
• Applied Researchers at South African universities.

Closing date: 1 November 2021



The Newton Fund builds research and innovation partnerships with countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to support economic development and social welfare, tackle global challenges and develop talent and careers.
Description to appear when standing on name:
The Technology Development Fund provides funding to advance technologies from proof of concept to technology demonstration.
The Pre-Commercialisation Support Fund assists existing or potential individual entrepreneurs and Small Micro Medium Enterprises to obtain funding to support pre-commercialisation activities including the development of production/service capacity to levels that will support operational sustainability.

The main purpose of the Fund is to enable innovators to evaluate, demonstrate and advance the value proposition and commercial potential of their research outputs.
For any TIA (Technology Innovation Agency) Seed fund queries, please contact
Tel: 018-299 4902
NWU Pre-Seed Fund.

The SA SME Fund invests in funds that support and develop entrepreneurs.
Application Form (doc attached) For any Pre-Seed fund queries, please contact Dr. Mesuli Mbanjwa. Tel: 018-299 4902