There are various funding opportunities for which students can apply, to support their studies at NWU.  Below is a list of different funding opportunities that are available to those candidates who adhere to the minimum requirements.

Candidates are advised to secure additional support, as the bursaries or scholarships are only a contribution and do not always cover the full-cost a of post-graduate student.

Applicants must submit their applications on the NRF Online Submission System at:

Please note: there are downloadable PDF documents which vary in file size, available on this page.


Funding Calls

NRF Funding Calls NWU Closing Date NRF Closing Date Designated Authority

South Africa / Japan Joint Science and Technology Research Collaboration

29 August 2018 5 September 2018 Heide Goedhals

China-South Africa Young Scientist Exchange Programme

  15 September 2018 Funanani Lavhelani

Closed Call for Scholarship- and Fellowship-holders Travel Grants 2018

24 August 2018 31 August 2018 Heide Goedhals



Institutional Bursary

The Institusional Bursary call is open until 20 August 2018 for Master and PhD students.  Contact Person Miss Mpho Merakeng 018 299 4891.


Calls for Annual Progress Reports

The system has been opened for the submission of 2018 Travel Grant Progress Reports (PRs) in the following Funding Instruments:

  • Knowledge Interchange & Collaboration (KIC) 2018 - Round 1
  • DST - NRF Conference Fund 2018
  • NRF/ERC Call 2018
  • Mobility Grants for South Africa – Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (SA-JINR) Collaboration 2018
  • ICSU Grants for Travel and Hosting Events 2018 - First call
  • Equipment-related Travel and Training Grants 2018 (Call will open in June 2018)

Internal Closing Date:  1 February 2019

NRF Closing Date:  15 February 2019


Emerging Researchers Development Programme

This call is now closed.  Please visit the website regularly for any updates that may follow.


This call is now closed. Please visit the website regularly for any updates that may follow.


CV update

Grant-holders are requested to update their 2018 Research Outputs on their CV on the NRF Online Submission System at


The 2018 outputs will be listed in the APR and grant-holders will be able to select the ones they wish to have included in the relevant Annual Progress Report




All students who received funding for master’s or doctoral degrees, need to provide the NRF with information regarding their completed degree, as stated in the M&D Agreement Form that all grant-holders sign before the NRF funds are released.

Once you have graduated, the following steps need to be taken to complete the post-funding NRF requirements:


1. Obtain your Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETC) link.

All NWU theses and dissertations are loaded onto Boloka, the NWU Institutional Repository.

Link to Boloka:


The process works as follows:

1.1 You hand in hard and electronic copies of your thesis/dissertation at the M&D offices.

1.2 After processing, it is sent to the library’s cataloguing section.

1.3 After graduation, the library’s cataloguing section receives the graduation booklet. With this booklet they start cataloguing the electronic theses and dissertations.

1.4 After they have been catalogued they are loaded onto Boloka, which is where you will find your EDT link.

1.5 You have to search for your title on Boloka and obtain your EDT link.


If you have any queries or difficulties accessing your ETD link, please contact Ms Willemijn de Kock.


2.  Obtain your Researcher  ID (ORCID)

Go to and register yourself.


3.  Gather the documents required by the NRF

As taken from the M&D Agreement Form:

On having been awarded the degree to which this scholarship pertains the scholarship-holder must submit the following to the NRF by the contractual date:

3.1 a photocopy of the title page

3.2 a photocopy of the page which reflects acknowledgement of NRF support

3.3 approximately 300 word summary of the findings (in English) for inclusion i the NEXUS database of current and completed research

3.4 a written statement by the university that the dissertation/mini-thesis had been accepted for degree purposes, and

3.5 an electronic version of the thesis (ETD link)

The scholarship-holder will acknowledge the financial assistance of the NRF as follows on the title page of the mini thesis/dissertation as well as in all papers and publications that emanate from the study:


The financial assistance of the National Research Foundation (NRF) towards this research is hereby acknowledged. Opinions expressed and conclusions arrived at, are those of the author and are not necessarily to be attributed to the NRF.


4.  Complete the NRF funded Thesis/Dissertation Requirements page:

Go to and provide the necessary information.  Please upload all the required documents here.


Please note the following:

  • Institutional Repository's email:
  • Grantee email: Your email address
  • Thesis DOI/Handle: Boloka/ETD link


5.  The last step

Once you have completed your information on the NRF website, please notify Ms Funanani Lavhelani by sending a confirmation email.



What is ORCID®?

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor Identification) is an open, not-for-profit organisation with the aim of supplying a persistent and unique identifier - an ORCID iD - to any individual who is involved in research, scholarship and innovation activities.

Why do I need to register for ORCID®?

The NRF require an ORCID iD when submitting funded research outputs as well as applying for funding opportunities. The NRF repository will use this unique identifier to link to publications and datasets in the future

How do I register for ORCID®?

Follow this link to visit the NWU Manuscript system to create a new ORCID iD. This system can also be used to link an existing ORCID iD. If you are unsure whether you already have an ORCID iD, search the ORCID registry on their website for your name.

Click here for a step by step guide through the registration and linking process.

Announcement of successful applications



  • If your name appears in the table that follows, you have been successful in receiving an award for 2018.
  • The NRF staff will forward award letters to successful candidates.
  • Feedback to unsuccessful candidates will only be provided throughout the year due to processing of funding outcomes for various funding instruments.
  • Once you have received the Conditions of grant (CoG), please read through the written agreement carefully, before accepting the award.
  • All signed and completed documentation must be forwarded to the NRF via your university postgraduate funding office, research office or financial aid office.
  • Funds will only be released once the completed documentation has been received by the NRF.
  • Awards not taken up will be automatically cancelled, unless otherwise approved by the NRF.


KIC 2018 Round 1 Results

Prof EJ Cilliers

Dr A Fouche

Dr D Jagals

Prof KM Katata-Seru

Prof HJ Lubbe

Dr Marisa Moller

Prof LR Motadi

Dr DC Onwudiwe

Prof AS Salawu

Prof CGCE van Sittert

Dr P Wolmarans