Tsela is the NWU curriculum management system (CMS). This system provides an electronic platform for an end-to-end roadmap that manages internal and external curriculum-related applications as approved by the Senate committee for academic standards (SCAS). Tsela brings the applicant and other role players  together on one platform for a smooth facilitation of the process flow; while maintaining the management of the NWU curriculum. The types of activities on the CMS are broadly grouped into a) the amendment of existing qualifications and academic programmes; or b) the development of news ones.

These activities are inclusive of existing and new modules. Tsela will house a record of changes made over time that will provide for the required audit trail.  

In terms of future planning, it is foreseen that Tsela would speak directly to other NWU systems in such a way that the Tsela data will integrate with other NWU systems such as the VSS and for HEMIS reporting.

We are expecting Tsela to go live in the third quarter of 2021.