IT has launched a webpage from which to download legal software available to all staff.  The software webpage is available on the University’s intranet through a browser.

Staff have to enter their NWU number and network password to download and install the available software.  There is no need to log into the Novell network.

IT invites staff to collaborate and contribute to this webpage.  Unfortunately, IT does not have all the specialised skills and/or licences to support the diverse software requirements of all NWU employees.  If you are a specialist in a specific field, for example Macintosh or scientific software, and you need to distribute software; this is the ideal way of doing so. 

Bear in mind that all NWU employees have access to the Intranet, thus the software must be legal.  A program owner can contact Gerda Schilling to contribute to this webpage.

The link to the Software Download page can be found on IT’s home page under “Staff”.

14 August 2015