Institutional Management requested an alignment of access control across NWU campuses to permit electronic access to all open access areas

(e.g. pedestrian turnstiles, vehicular access booms, libraries) for all staff and students of the university across campuses.

In close collaboration with our colleagues from the Protection Services across campuses, this process has been finalised and went live on 12 October 2015.

What changed?

  • All active staff and registered students of NWU will be able to access all general open areas e.g. main gates, pedestrian turnstiles, libraries across campuses by swiping their card. No special arrangements needed any more.
  • Each campus retains its own autonomy and flexibility in respect of their specific access control areas and security systems
  • Business processes, documentation (forms) and information regarding access control are now standardized and aligned across the campuses.
  • This process is now integrated with the core administrative processes and business rules of NWU.  It will prevent data duplication, enables data validation, improves business process efficiency, productivity and improves data integrity. For example, the appointment and resignation of staff and the registration and/or discontinuation of students are linked to the core administrative system which enhances the efficiency of access control.
  • The project also created a common information platform for future enhancements and access control related functionality.

If you experience any access control problems, please contact your nearest Protection services.