eFundi is the University’s Learning Management System (LMS). eFundi is a communication platform that connects students and lecturers, while providing important course resources for registered students online.


Read through the FAQs listed below for possible solutions to problems that you may experience:

“Why can’t I log in to eFundi?”

Unfortunately CTL cannot assist you with any login issues because this is an IT problem. Please visit the walk-in support desk in Building 13 or the Keyboard office in Building 9A, Room 105.

“Why can’t I see a module that I am registered for on eFundi?”

It could be that your lecturer has not yet created a site for the module in question. Ask a classmate if they can see the site. If they can see the site, contact CTL.

“Why can’t I see a quiz, test or assignment that my lecturer created on eFundi?”

If you cannot see a quiz, test or assignment contact CTL immediately.

“I was completing a test or quiz but there is a problem with the connection.”

If your internet connection fails or you experience any problems with the quiz contact CTL immediately. Take note: It is advisable to complete quizzes on campus as the internet is more stable. Avoid doing assessments on mobile devices since the Wi-Fi connection can be unstable. If the due date has passed request permission from you lecturer to re-open the quiz. The lecturer will contact CTL to re- open the quiz for you.

“Why can’t I upload an assignment via TurnitIn?”

  1. Make sure the file name contains no special characters and is shorter than 15 characters.
  2. Check that the format of the uploaded document is the same as the format of the saved document.
  3. Scan your device for viruses which could prevent successful uploading.
  4. If you missed the upload deadline because of one of the above problems CTL can reopen the upload functionality for you per lecturer request. Please note that CTL require written permission from your lecturer to re-open any assignment or quiz.


eFundi Helpdesk
+ 27(0) 16 910 3317
+ 27(0) 16 910 3038
Building 13, Room SL313