The Tests & Quizzes tool allows instructors to create online assessments (i.e., tests, exams, quizzes, and surveys) for delivery via a web interface to students or other groups.

It was designed primarily to administer tests, but instructors may also create assessments to gather survey information or informal course feedback.

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Creating an exception for students
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How to add, edit or delete an exception

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Submission issues


Q. Can I edit the content of a published quiz?

Answer: No. The only instance in which you will be able to edit a published quiz is if no student has opted to take part in it yet. To edit, go to the Published Copies, then from the drop-down Actions bar next to the particular quiz click on Edit. If the Edit option is not available, it means that at least one student has already opted to take part in the quiz and therefore eFundi has locked the edit option for that quiz.

Q. How do I embed a test into Lessons?

Answer: It is possible to embed a test into Lessons. Simply click on Add content and from the drop-down menu click on Link to a test or quiz. A list of published quizzes from the particular site will appear as options. The settings for these quizzes will still apply.

Tip: If you want your students to only access a quiz once they have completed a certain task in the Lessons page, it is perhaps best to hide the Test & Quizzes tool from the students. This will ensure that students only access your quiz through the link placed in the Lessons page.

For a video on how to enable this, click here.

Q. How do I create a scenario-based question?

Answer: It is best to add the scenario in the description text area of a Part and then have the questions for that part appear below that part.
To know more on how to use Parts, click here.
To know how to set the questions to appear one by one or all the questions on one page, click here.

Q. Can students answer questions using voice recordings?

Answer: There used to be a method for students to answer directly into eFundi when using the built in mic on the Rich text editor boxes within Assignments or Test & Quizzes’ Audio recording question. This method no longer works due to Flash no longer being supported.
There are two alternatives to this question:

Make a short answer question and have the students record themselves with their devices and then upload the .mp3 audio file through the rich text editor.

To know how such a question will work, click here.

Set up a File Upload question that will require your students to upload a recording that they made with their device’s built-in software.

To know how to set up an Upload file question, click here.

Q. Can students submit hand written answers (no computer) by taking photos and submitting these?

Answer: Yes, however Turnitin will not be able to recognise similarity due to the assignment being an image. Also, if there are more than one image (more than one page) for one submission, it is suggested that they combine the images into one file such as a PDF. Do note that Turnitin will still not be able to check for any similarity as it is unable to read text from an image.

Q. How can I mark file submission questions?

Answer: It can become a long process if you have to mark File Upload questions within eFundi. That is why download the submissions to read/ listen to offline. To do so you will need to download their submissions. To view the steps on how this is done, click here.
From there you will still need to go back to the question and add the marks and feedback for each student manually in eFundi. To view the steps on how to grade assessments per question, click here.

Q. How do I formulate my questions when building my test for the Markup upload method?

Answer: There are various question types that allows for the direct copy and paste when using the Markup upload method. To view the steps on how to set up a test using the Markup  option, click here.

Q. If a student submits a voice assignment can I respond to the marks via voice?

Answer: In Assignments you can fill in the mark as per usual per student per assignment. In the feedback you can then also attach an audio file for response.

For steps on how to grade an assessment question by question please click here.

Q. How do I mark short answers?

Answer: You will have to mark a short answer/essay type question manually as the tool will not be able to mark it for you even though a model answer can be set. This model answer is a guide to your student and not a method to allow eFundi to mark the test for you. For steps on how to mark a short answer/essay question, click here.

Q: Why are there tests shown as In Progress after the due date is met?

Answer: Students sometimes forget to click on Submit for Grading (there are two steps to this) and when the due date is met their participation is locked as In Progress since they technically did not submit.

Your students should also make sure that they see Proof of submission screen once they have clicked on Submit for Grading the second time. In the Test & Quizzes tool they should also see proof of taken tests in the Submitted Assessments list provided. If this is not visible, their attempt is most likely stuck In Progress and they should reach out to their lecturer or eFundi Helpdesk Support asap.

As a workaround to avoid this, it is advised that tests are timed. It is however important for students to take the test in a timely manner, allowing the timer to run out before the due time is met.

Q: How do I set up a question pool?

Answer: Question pools can be set up in three ways: while setting up the test, beforehand, or afterwards. See the tutorial list on more details regarding the use of Question Pools.

Q: Does eFundi autosave a test where all questions appear on the one page?

Answer: No, eFundi does not autosave tests where all questions are displayed on one page. If a student starts such a test and something goes wrong during the test (Internet drop or power outage) the student will be allowed to continue the test if he/she continues it within the allotted time period (in the case of a timed-test) - however, all questions answered before the catastrophe happened will NOT be answered any more and therefore the student will have to answer them again. It is important to note that once a student started a test, the time will continue to count down - even if the student can’t continue the test due to a technical issue. Once the time for a test has run out, the student will not be allowed to open (or continue) the test anymore.

However, during the lockdown period it has been advised that tests be designed to display questions on one page as it will limit the possibility of students being kicked out of their tests due to poor internet connectivity. They must be sure to click on Save before they submit their papers.


How to view all submissions in Scores




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